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I went to the shooting range prague for the first time when I was eighteen years old. And I don`t regret it at all, because it was an amazing experience. You may be tapping your forehead right now, but I really enjoy target shooting. It`s not a bad thing because everyone likes something different. Some enjoy gardening, some enjoy dancing, and I enjoy shooting. And I`m not afraid to tell people. I`m not doing anything wrong. At first, I also thought shooting was pretty boring. And that it`s a weird hobby, but it`s completely different. I am absolutely thrilled with shooting, and I could never imagine not going to the shooting range.


Well, what can I tell you. Everyone around me made excuses for it – that shooting is a „strange“ hobby and that I should find another one. But I enjoy it, so what should I do? I probably won`t do anything about it at all. It is everyone`s business what they will do in their free time. I also don`t tell my friends and neighbours not to garden and to go read instead. It sounds funny, but that`s exactly how it is. Everyone has only one life and should live it the way they want. Even though everyone talked me down and most people just didn`t like that I had such a hobby, I didn`t give up. I was so embarrassed at first. Of course, I couldn`t shoot right away.


And I`m not exactly the patient type, so it was a bit more complicated. But then it somehow broke and I started to do well. In addition, shooting showed me how to be patient and not give up right after the first attempt. So there`s something to it, believe me. If you want to learn how to shoot and someone talks you out of it, I don`t think it`s appropriate at all. It`s just your business what you do. Don`t let anyone or anything discourage you. Because what you do is fun and fulfilling at the same time, and that`s the most important thing. You may not care what other people think. So definitely try target shooting and you will see that you will enjoy it, I can guarantee that.

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